Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Myth and Truth of Red Bird Nest

Heading deeper within the cave, the nests are yellow in coloration and in the vicinity of the deepest stop golden red colour.

The coloration of genuine yellow and red bird nest is because of to interaction of the nest with the cave wall and absorption of the normal minerals identified in the wall. A red nest with uniform yellow and red shade is almost never identified since only 1 facet of the nest is in make contact with with the cave wall. It could be because of to the swiftlets feed on red algae. In such a situation the color of the nest is grayish pink as an alternative of simply yellow or red.

There is an additional rumor namely the red nest is built by the residence swiftlets. This is entirely untrue as the home swiftlets only feed on insects and not algae. Only cave swiftlets make red nest. No matter if it helps make the nest for the first time or many instances, it produces only an individual kind of bird nest namely white 1. The rumor may well be spread by the unscrupulous businessmen who adulterated coloration into the white nest or make the white nest becomes red 1 by fumigation.

In conclusion, one particular should be watchful in choosing red nest as the normal an individual might bring gains even though the fake a person could bring about damage to one's wellbeing.

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You might know that Robin Red is a bird foods applied to carp fishing for all the good results it has on carp wellness and on feeding responses and so on. As the majority of prepared built bait makers use it in at minimum an individual bait in their assortment - commonly a red bird food type bait or even a fish meal or meat type bait or types of ground baits, around the decades it could have facet effects with some fish. What I mean is that our baits are meant to attract carp and induce them to feed as confidently as doable, but what if an ingredient is so clear and distinctive to carp that it reminds them of many prior experiences of receiving hooked?

You may believe this may possibly or might not be a likelihood, but as they say, the greatest edge in carp fishing is being different. There are numerous substitute Robin Red form solutions out there. Specific variations I have utilised have fished just as perfectly as the original version when fished facet by aspect, but then the variations I have utilised have been either constructed by bait makers with in excess of 40 decades practical knowledge or have been personalised by myself.

There is no doubt of the efficiency of the original substance however and its versatility as a bait additive is actually constrained only by your imagination.


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